We do not currently have a place on this site for resumes. Members of the Yahoo group can post resumes and headshots on the Yahoo group site under "files" and "pictures" until the available space is used up. If you would like to send me your resume and headshot for me to keep on file, follow the directions below.

Send Resumes to this address

I use the address above for storing and finding resumes. It has a built in Google search engine. To take fill advantage of the search functions I ask that resumes and headshots be sent in a certain format. It is a little harder to do, but makes it more likely that I can find you... And it shows that you can follow directions.

    2) In the subject, put "actor", "actress" or "crew"
    3) In the body of the message you do not need to send a cover letter. I do need you to put your name and anything that you might expect me to search on. You probably already have these special talents listed in your resume, but put them here again. Think of them as keywords. Just make a list.
    4) Send the actual resume and headshot as an attachment. Rename then, if needed, to Last_First.doc for your resume and Last_First.jpg for your headshot(s). The extensions I use are the most common, but you need to keep them the same as they were saved by your program.